Hip replacement

Leg-length in Hip Replacement

Mr Sood and his team presented work at the European Hip Society in Stockholm on the topic of how to make sure that patients leg length is restored correctly after total hip replacement.  After hip replacement the operated leg can be lengthened and patients can find this difficult.  Shortening can also occur but this is […]

Dislocating Hip

Dislocating Hip Replacements cured

Mr Sood and his team presented work at The annual Meeting of the British Hip Society in Exeter on the difficult problem of dislocating hip replacements.  Mr Sood specialises in re-do hip replacements and is often referred patients who are suffering repeated hip dislocations.  This is a distressing complication that can occur soon after a […]

Follow-up after Hip replacement

Once implanted, joint replacements should be periodically followed-up.  This follow-up includes taking x-rays to assess the implants.  The minimum recommended follow-up for implants with a known good track record involves review at 1 year and then at 5 year intervals.  Personally we believe that after 15 years closer follow-up is a good idea with review every […]