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Efficient and clear. I felt happy throughout

I ruptured my ACL and could not do any sport. The knee was moderately painful to walk on.

Mr Sood was very efficient and clear every time I spoke to him. I had multiple consultations and assessments as well as two operations and felt happy throughout.

I would recommend him.

Mr E.J
ACL reconstruction

Thoroughly professional, pleasant and reassuring

I had an arthritic knee that was extremely painful and severely limited the amount of activity that I could undertake. Even simple things like shopping were a challenge. Walking up and down stairs was difficult.

Mr Sood had replaced my left knee some 8 years before I consulted him again. I have been entirely satisfied with the procedure – equally so with the treatment to my right knee. Mr Sood is thorough in his examination and explanation at the consultation stage. He is extremely pleasant and reassuring before the surgery takes place and in follow-up consultations. I have always found him to be thoroughly professional in a friendly manner. It is early days after my second knee replacement but already the results are life changing.

I would recommend Mr Sood to others. He does not undertake procedures unnecessarily – in my case he waited 8 years between the left and right knee surgery as he deemed the right knee “not ready yet!”

Rev. J.S.
Right & Left Knee replacements

I don’t think that I have ever dealt with a better medical professional

I was suffering from knee pain. I was unable to do sport or even run without pain. Work and everyday jobs were a struggle.

I have been extremely impressed by the whole process from the first appointment Mr Sood has been extremely supportive, professional and made me feel at ease throughout. The process involved lots of different people and everyone has been kind and respectful of the situation. I was very nervous about surgery but was constantly reassured and this made it much easier. every step of the way was a challenge for me but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help and support of all involved. An excellent experience for my first ever injury.

I would highly recommend Mr Sood’s practice to others as you are made to feel important at every stage. I don’t think that I have dealt with a better medical professional. Ihe experience was outstanding from start to finish.

Miss E. B. Knee
Arthroscopy for a plica and cartilage damage

Cannot speak highly enough

I was suffering from hip arthritis. The pain made it almost impossible to do the things I loved doing.

I cannot speak highly enough of the care and treatment I received from Mr Sood. Having had cancer treatment and made to feel invisible by a few Consultants it was wonderful to be actually looked at and listened to.

I am back horse-riding and can do the things that I couldn’t do before with ease.

I would recommend Mr Sood’s practice without hesitation.

Mrs M.C.
Hip replacement

Ten years of improved quality of life (and counting!)

It is 10 years since you operated on my right hip and I would like to express my sincere thanks for the ten years of improved quality of life I have had. I have had no problems whatsoever, everything has been positive.

In July you operated on my left hip and once again I have benefitted from your skill and expertise. In the last two months I have improved really well and am looking forward to making further progress.

My intentions are the same as with my right hip, I am going to treasure and look after them. I am going to treasure and look after them. I think that is the least I can do to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Words cannot say how I feel.

Thank you again for all the skill and expertise, the advice and your time. I will always be grateful.

Mr B.K.
Right and Left Hip Replacements

Walking straight-legged and pain-free!

Before my knee replacement operation I had a problem bending my knee because it had stiffened through arthritis which was also making me walk bow-legged. It was painful and difficult to do general chores like cleaning, gardening and shopping.

Now it is a pleasure and delight to be able to walk straight-legged and pain-free. I am also able to kneel whilst cleaning and gardening.

I am grateful to Mr Sood who operated on me because now my quality of life has improved immensely. Mr Sood explained to me all about the operation and was helpful and encouraging afterwards.

Mrs B.P.
Total Knee Replacement

A big thank you…I can get back to normal again

I just want to say a big thank you for repairing my knee so I can get back to normal again. A big thank you also goes to everybody who looked after me…

Mrs J.R.
Total Knee replacement

Highly Competent, Extremely Skilled

My left knee was deformed due to osteoarthritis. I was unable to straighten my leg and the knee was swollen. I was still able to walk but my knee ached constantly and it was very difficult to sleep at night. I was a keen hill walker but was very restricted as to what exercise I could do.

The consultation was very thorough and I did not feel I was dismissed (as I had been previously because I was able to walk for a reasonable distance). Mr Sood recommended a total left knee replacement and this was carried out at the end of February 2013. The surgery went well and I was discharged after 4 days in hospital. The care I received was excellent and I was kept fully informed of all procedures. I had a number of outpatient physiotherapy sessions which helped in the recovery process. It is also important to do the exercises regularly.

I would definitely recommend Mr Sood to others. He is a highly competent surgeon who does numerous knee and hip replacements every year. He is extremely skilled and I am now able to straighten my knee fully and walk without problems. After 7 months I went to the Alps in Switzerland and coped well walking up and down hills.

Mrs J. C.
Total Knee Replacement

Operation was a success

I was suffering with a cartilage tear in my right knee causing limping and affecting mobility in walking.

Appointments were arranged efficiently and consultations took place at a convenient time and place. I found the staff and Mr Sood approachable and extremely helpful. The operation was a success.

I would recommend Mr Sood to others because he has an excellent manner and is very professional.

Mr S. A
Knee Arthroscopy

Amazing skill and care

I was suffering from arthritis and was absolutely dreading the thought of a hip replacement and despite pressure from my caring family kept putting it off.

Finally when the physio warned me that hips could be replaced backs can’t I took the plunge. I was impressed with Mr Sood’s website and when I went to the initial consultation I was immediately at ease and felt confident to go ahead with the operation. From the day I arrived at the hospital and met with Mr Sood and the anaesthetist I felt relaxed and cannot believe how well the operation went and how well I felt. Every fear disappeared, I just wish I’d decided to have the operation sooner. My pelvis was on a 45 degree slant and now straight. No limping just wonderful.

I would certainly recommend Mr Sood to others and indeed have. His skill, care and understanding is amazing.

Mrs L.V
Mini-incision hip replacement

Kindness and consideration

I would like to say thank you for treating my husband.

For the expert care and attention he has received I cannot thank you enough or for the kindness and consideration you have shown us.

Mr P.P.
Total Knee Replacement

Recommend to others

I was suffering from painful knees due to arthritis which was very restrictive in my life and with my daily life.

I am very happy with the treatment that I received. Everything was explained in full and all procedures carried out as soon as possible.

I would recommend Mr Sood to others. His good reputation was passed on to me by others and proved correct.

Mr L.D.
Double Total Knee Replacement operations

Full recovery very quickly

I had pain and clicking when my knee was in certain positions eg. sitting with legs crossed. I couldn’t do certain activities and sports that I enjoy.

I felt well looked after and was pleased that Mr Sood was able to remove the meniscal tear. He was very welcoming and friendly making me feel comfortable.

I would recommend Mr Sood to others as I felt looked after and I’ve made a full recovery very quickly.

Miss H.T.
Knee arthroscopy

Complete faith in Mr Sood

I have had two knee replacements, the first in November 2009 and the second in November 2011.

My recovery from the first operation was trouble free so I had no qualms having the other knee done as I had complete faith in Mr Sood.

The wounds healed quickly and with medication the pain was minimal and with regular physio and exercises at home I was soon fully mobile.

I consider the first consultation to final recovery was excellent.

I am now able to follow a fully active lifestyle and my quality of life is greatly improved.

Mr J.S.
Right & Left Total Knee Replacements

The go-to Specialist… excellent

I have had the good fortune to have been treated by Mr Sood over a period of several years during which he carried out both a hip replacement and a knee replacement. During this time I have had excellent treatment during the pre-op, op and post-op periods. I have been thoroughly followed up with annual examinations.

I believe firmly that I have been able to continue with my main social activities due to the skills of Mr Sood and his staff who have always been extremely helpful in answering any questions whenever they have arisen.

I can only summarise by saying that when, in my social world of Ceroc dancing, I hear someone is having problems with their joints, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sood as the “go to” specialist.

Mr D.E.
Total Knee Replacement

Operation and aftercare first class

Although I was naturally apprehensive on learning I needed a new hip, this was dispelled after a positive consultation with Mr Sood. The operation was a great success and I am once again partaking in all my previous activities including walking, cycling and skiing.

Both the operation and aftercare I received have been first class.

Mrs J.C.
Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

Nothing but praise for results achieved

I would like to say how much I appreciated the informative guidance I received from Mr Sood during the initial consultation for my knee problem, and the care from him and the team at all stages before and after the operation for my replacement knee. From our first meeting I felt great confidence in every aspect of my treatment by him, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone for his specialised skills.

My friends say I am now back to ‘my old self’ and I can now make much more of my life. I have nothing but praise for the results which Mr Sood has achieved with my new knee!

Mr A.R.
Total Knee Replacement

Very satisfied with results

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the professional and caring treatment that I received from the Specialist Hip & Knee Surgery team following an accident that I had, resulting in a serious injury to my knee.

When I first met Mr. Manoj Sood he carefully explained to me the required surgery and treatment that I was about to experience. I appreciated the caring manner in which he explained my injury along with the expected results and risks that would accompany the surgery. He patiently answered my questions and provided the encouragement and reassurance that I needed. I continued to receive this type of treatment and care in each of my subsequent visits to his clinic during the weeks that followed. At each visit, Mr Manoj Sood exhibited a great deal of patience and care to answer my questions and address my concerns. I am extremely grateful to be able to walk again and am very satisfied with the results of his care and have a deep appreciation and respect for his professional skills and capabilities.

Mr T.M.
Complex fracture and other injuries

Wonderful skill and care

I am very pleased to be able to thank Mr Sood for the wonderful skill and care he gave me when I had my hip replacement. He always had time to listen and explain things which I appreciated. I now have no pain, hooray!

Mr A.B.
Complex Total Hip Replacement

Walking a pleasure again…many thanks

Mr Sood, the pain walking made my life difficult both working and leisure activities due to my right hip. My replacement has enabled walking, standing and driving to be a pleasure again. Many thanks.

Mr D.T.
Total Hip Replacement

Excellent job…a brilliant surgeon

I am a fitness instructor and my life and work were severely affected when I developed arthritis of both hips. I had severe stiffness and pain. I was very worried about how successful hip replacement surgery might be and especially if I would be able to carry on as a fitness instructor afterwards. A friend strongly recommended that I see Mr Sood. He explained everything to me and advised that I would need both my hips replaced. He encouraged me to think about things and answered all my questions. Since Mr Sood replaced both my hips I feel that my movement is perfect and that he has performed an excellent job. I would recommend him to everyone who would need this operation done.

I do believe he is a brilliant surgeon!

Mrs S.K.
Right & Left Mini-incision Total Hip replacements

Bless your Healing Hands

My grateful thanks to you for doing such a wonderful job with my hip replacement. Not surprising as you really are the “expert” in your field! Bless your healing hands.

Mrs E.T.
Complex Total Hip replacement

No hesitation in recommending to others

My only regret is that I wished that I had gone to see Mr Sood sooner. After my operation to repair a torn meniscus and cruciate ligament I could not believe how much better I was. Kneeling was no longer agony, squatting was easier all in all a very good experience.

Mr Sood explained very carefully and clearly what the problems were and what the treatment would entail both during the operation and the aftercare. Throughout the whole time his manner was very professional but with care and consideration. After the operation he showed the internal photographs but also drew clear diagrams to explain what he had found and subsequently had done. Follow up visits were arranged to check on progress during which he assessed the effectiveness of the operation making suggestions as to how to improve my leg strength and mobility.

Throughout I was impressed also by the hospital and staff. Their care and attention were second to none and this added to the excellent work by Mr Sood means that I have no hesitation or reservation in recommending him to others who require this type of surgery.

Mr D.S.
Knee Arthroscopies

Walking without pain

Having had an injury on my right knee it gave me problems doing the hiking that I do regularly. When Mr Sood did my operation I knew straightaway that I was going to be walking without pain very soon after. The care at The Manor Hospital was the best that I had ever had. I am now walking without limping and can squat down without any pain.

Mrs K.D.
Knee arthroscopy

Delighted with treatment

I became a patient of Mr Sood in January 2012 after developing an Achilles tendon problem that had failed to heal after 12 months of physiotherapy treatment. I had been unable to run or participate in many sports, even routine walking caused tenderness and pain, along with morning stiffness.

My initial consultation with Mr Sood was very clear, he explained the treatment of Shock-wave therapy and the likely outcome along with the time scale for recovery. I had three sessions of treatment which caused mild discomfort during the minutes of treatment, but no lasting problem by the next morning. The swollen area of my Achilles showed improvement within days of the first treatment and this continued after each visit. Six months later I am now pain free and have started normal exercise again. There is still a small amount of residual “knotty” tissue but this is continuing to improve even after completion of treatment.

I am no longer stiff in that area in the mornings and have been able to resume a normal lifestyle. I have been delighted with both the treatment and the way Mr Sood carried it out.

Mrs Y.G.
Shock-Wave Therapy for Achilles tendinopathy

Couldn’t have been in better hands

Dear Mr Sood, we would like to thank you for all the care and attention that you gave to Peter. He couldn’t have been in better hands.

Mr P.R.
Total Knee Replacement

Operation a 100% success

For some years I could not run anymore and any impact on my right knee was very painful. Mr Sood diagnosed a tear in my meniscus, fixed it and the result is astounding. Recovery was fast and within days I could walk without crutches. After 2 months I started with running again, slowly building it up. I am back to 15 minutes of pain-free running and am continuing to build this up. Overall my knee feels great and I consider the operation a 100% success. The whole experience was superb. Full marks to Mr Sood, The Manor Hospital and all staff.

Mr R.V.
Knee Arthroscopy and meniscal surgery

Caring and capable surgeon

I was suffering from left hip arthritis. This was very painful and limited walking, gardening and other daily activities. I was very satisfied with the care that I received and well looked after. Mr Sood is a very caring and capable surgeon and a pleasure to meet and talk to about my condition. It was the second operation performed by Mr Sood as I had my right hip replaced successfully a few years ago. I would recommend Mr Sood to others and have already done so.

Mrs K.H.
Total hip replacement

Thank you for your expertise and care

I am very grateful for all you have done for me. Two new knees and a new hip over the last 10 years.  All have been successful.  So thank you for your expertise and care.

Mrs J.H.
Double knee replacement & Mini-incision Hip replacement

A huge thank you, for everything

I really just wanted to say, yet again, a huge “thank you” – well, for everything.  For operating when the NHS kept pushing me back, for being straight with me, for being an utterly brilliant surgeon and an all round good egg.

Being out of pain and on far fewer drugs has transformed my life.  You must do this for people time and time again, and I hope everyone tells you how amazing it is.

Another thing to mention, although I know you are already aware, is what a positive experience this was this time.  The spinal block and sedation left me feeling pretty good immediately after surgery, and to be able to have an operation in the evening and be out of bed the next morning is astonishing.

Please also pass my thanks to anyone else you encounter who was part of this positive experience.

Very best wishes.

Mrs R.S.
Uncemented total hip replacement

Professional and considerate

Dear Mr Sood,

Thank you. Your professional and considerate manner made it easier for me to manage the apprehension that I felt in the build up to my operation.  I felt reassured knowing that you would be responsible for both the surgery itself and the aftercare management.

Many thanks for my new hip in 2015 and now my new knee.

Mrs B.N.
Hip replacement & Knee replacement

Very satisfied with the treatment and aftercare

I was unable to play tennis, walk long distances or feel secure skiing – all activities I had previously enjoyed.  When tired I was limping.  Ultrasound treatment was prescribed by my GP but was ineffective.

Mr Sood diagnosed a damaged cartilage and some wear.  He performed an arthroscopy on my knee and the results of the surgery were, for me, life changing.  Since the operation, 8 years ago, I have played tennis regularly (at least twice a week), can walk long distances and have skied every year since, although I do wear a light support on the knee for this.

Throughout the procedure Mr Sood was confident of success and I felt considerably more optimistic about the outcome. My quality of life changed for the better and I am very grateful and very staisfied with the treatment and aftercare that I received.

Mrs D.P.
Knee arthroscopy for cartilage tear and early wear (joint preservation)

Excellent service, would certainly recommend

My mobility was painful and restricted because of a cartilage tear and inflammation.

Mr Sood provided a quick and accurate assessment of my condition and confirmed the extent of the problem with an MRI scan.  The surgery by Mr Sood provided immediate relief from pain and I very quickly recovered mobility.  A very efficient and successful process.

I would certainly recommend Mr Sood to others because of the excellent service I received.

Mr B.H.
Knee arthroscopy and synovectomy

Very professional and organised

I damaged my meniscus cartilage and had discomfort during running and sport.  I ended up hobbling over the finish line in the Cambridge half marathon.  Mr Sood had carried out a successful ACL reconstruction for me in 2010, so I had no hesitation in going to him again.  Everything was explained to me both before and on the day of the operation.  He was very professional and organised.

Mr R.H.
Arthroscopy and meniscal trimming & ACL reconstruction

Brilliant, very approachable and very caring

My knee was locking because of a torn cartilage and I was unable to walk or work without crutches.

I found Mr Sood to be very professional, yet welcoming and willing to listen and act quickly  and efficiently.  Mr Sood manipulated my knee and unlocked the knee, allowing me to walk unaided a couple of days later.  I then underwent the key hole op to fix my torn cartilage to prevent the same issue recurring.

Mr Sood is brilliant, very approachable and very caring.

Mrs A.S.
Knee arthroscopy and meniscal surgery

Recommend without hesitation

Mr Sood handled my ACL reconstruction. He is totally amazing and I would recommend him without hesitation.

He is the EXPERT in his area and I have returned to my normal activities soon after surgery and without any problems. I can’t thank him enough.

Mrs L. C.
ACL reconstruction after skiing injury

Wonderful insight and experience

A brilliant surgeon with wonderful insight and experience.

Never doubted I would recover and in the timescale I did.

Follow up was thorough and professional. simply the best !!

Mr F. M.
ACL reconstruction surgery

Takes time with patients to carefully diagnose issues

Mr Sood takes time with patients to carefully diagnose issues, not just working within “usual” circumstances. Symptoms, causes and remedies are explored, explained and potential remedies considered.

Mr Sood, despite apparent expertise and knowledge can talk to patients in a language that laymen can understand.

I am aware of many people who have had successful treatment provided by Mr Sood and he is clearly a busy man. Despite this, he will always take however much time is needed with each and every patient.

I am not a very good patient, but Mr Sood makes the experience less traumatic.

Mr P. N.
Knee surgery for osteonecrosis

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