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Manoj Sood is a leading Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon nominated as a top doctor by his peers.  He specialises in the treatment of all Hip and Knee problems and Sports injuries. He is an expert in knee and hip arthroscopy  and in hip and knee joint replacement surgery.  He practices joint preservation techniques wherever possible, to help to avoid or delay the need for joint replacement.  His referral practice deals with complex cases and failed joint replacements where revision or"re-do" surgery is required. He treats all Sports Injuries and has a particular interest in Tendinopathy treatment.

He is proud to have been awarded both the iWantGreatCare Certificate of Excellence in 2021 for delivering outstanding care and the Top Doctors Certificate of Excellence in 2020 for having the highest patient ratings. His has also been recognised by his NHS Trust by the award of 3 Clinical Excellence awards.

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Joint Injections for Knee and Hip Pain

A number of different injections can be used when treating knee and hip problems. Some help to precisely diagnose your hip or knee pain...

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Person's legs during workout

Knee Replacements don’t work as well as Hip Replacements – true or false?

Some people with knee arthritis worry more about having a knee replacement than those with hip arthritis do about having a hip replacement. Why...

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Does Running Cause Knee Arthritis?

I am often asked whether running will cause premature development of knee arthritis. Many of my patients are very keen runners and, whilst they want to...

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Latest News & Research

Revision Hip Replacement surgery: EFORT London

Today Mr Sood and his team presented research work at this international conference. He is one of a few specialists who perform the most...

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Thanks to Football.ua [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL]

Meniscal Tears and Luis Suarez – Manoj Sood interviewed on Radio 5Live

Image courtesy of Football.ua Following the news that Suarez had sustained a knee injury and meniscal tear, Mr Sood appeared...

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The Hip Replacement That Has Lasted 68 Years

Norman Sharp, now 91 years old, celebrated having the World’s longest lasting Hip replacement this week. He was the first patient in the newly...

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Joint Preservation in Knee Arthritis

Mr Sood’s article in Practice Matters magazine describes the joint-preserving options that are available for people suffering from knee arthritis. This will be of...

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Treatments for Cartilage damage

Mr Sood’s article in Vantage Magazine explains the available options to deal with articular cartilage damage and early arthritis.  Such damage is often related...

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Hip Replacement Revision

Understanding Hip Replacement

Mr Sood was asked by Arthritis Today Magazine to write an article to help its readers to understand the latest advances that have taken...

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