Your Anaesthetic

A number of different types of anaesthesia can be administered to allow you to safely and comfortably undergo your surgery.  Patients are often understandably anxious about having an anaesthetic especially if they have not had surgery before.  Patients can be reassured that modern anaesthesia is very safe and predictable and the Anaesthetists that Mr Sood works with are highly experienced and have worked with him for many years.

The most common types are general anaesthesia and spinal anaesthesia. The exact type of anaesthesia for your operation will be determined by your anaesthetist after he or she carefully assesses you.  You will have the opportunity to discuss this and state your preferences.

For some useful information about anaesthesia produced for patients please click on the links below to view useful guides published by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

You and Your Anaesthetic

Understanding Anaesthesia

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