Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injuries are an increasing problem as more and more people participate competitively and non-competitively in sports activities.  We deal with professional sports people as well as "weekend warriors".

Sports injuries can be divided into  two broad types:

  • Acute (sudden onset) injuries
  • These include muscle tears, tendon ruptures and ligament injuries or ruptures (such as an ACL rupture).  They occur as a result of a specific injuring event.

  • Chronic (longer-term) injuries or overuse injuries
  • These include Tendinopathies such as Achilles tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis.  They tend to occur due to repetitive low level trauma to tissues or due to over training or excessive sport.

We understand the importance of prompt diagnosis and early treatment in getting sports people back to their sport. We have a huge experience of treating all types of sports injuries, in a wide variety of people ranging from occasional participants in sport through to amateur, semi-professional and professional athletes. Mr Sood treats a number of semi-professional and professional sports people and the Specialist Physiotherapists who work alongside him in the practice are highly experienced in the treatment of sports injuries and have past and current affiliations to Sports Clubs.

Although I was naturally apprehensive on learning I needed a new hip, this was dispelled after a positive consultation with Mr Sood. The operation was a great success and I am once again partaking in all my previous activities including walking, cycling and skiing. Both the operation and aftercare I received have been first class.

Mrs J.C, Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

We aim to get all sports people safely back to their sport as soon as possible after an injury using intensive rehabilitation programmes in combination with non-surgical and surgical techniques as necessary. We have access to the latest non-surgical treatments, including, acoustic shock-wave therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections which can both be very effective in resistant tendon disorders.

Mr Sood leads a Clinic specialising in Tendon Pain and disorders. Click here for further information.

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