Joint Replacement

Pain relief and Independence

Hip and Knee joint replacements allow relief from debilitating pain and a return to independence for individuals suffering from severe arthritis.  Many advances have been made in both hip and knee joint replacement, and they are very successful, proven, predictable and durable treatments for end-stage arthritis.  They must be performed by surgeons who are expert in performing the surgery and who understand the options that are available.

We offer a complete hip and knee joint replacement service for patients of all ages including:

  • all types of replacement
  • mini-incision (key-hole) procedures
  • treatment of the most complex arthritis cases
  • revision or "re-do" replacements for those who have failing implants or implants that have developed complications.

For further details about hip and knee implants you can refer to the hip surgery and knee surgery sections of this site.

We select the best prosthesis and bearing surface (metal, ceramic, oxinium) for our patients based on their activity level, bone quality (normal, osteopenic or osteoporotic), anatomy and age.  In a sense we aim to provide as bespoke a replacement as possible.  Our aim is to implant a prosthesis that will be successful, last as long as possible and allow as straightforward a revision (re-do) as possible should this ever become necessary. We are always able to explain the rationale for our decisions.

Although I was naturally apprehensive on learning I needed a new hip, this was dispelled after a positive consultation with Mr Sood. The operation was a great success and I am once again partaking in all my previous activities including walking, cycling and skiing. Both the operation and aftercare I received have been first class.

Mrs J.C, Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement

We offer hip resurfacing, bone-preserving small stems (neck prostheses), hybrid and uncemented replacements.

Knee Replacement

We offer total and partial knee replacement. The latter includes mini-incision medial unicompartmental and patellofemoral replacement.

Revision (re-do) Hip and Knee replacement

Mr Sood is highly experienced in the whole spectrum of modern revision techniques and chooses the most appropriate techniques and implants based on the challenge presented by the individual case. He performs approximately 30 revision cases per year, a proportion of which have had revision procedures performed before in other units. He specialises in the most complex reconstructions.  He has performed over 250 revision procedures to date.

Please click below to read an interesting article on Revision Hip replacement written by Mr Sood:

Surgery for Failed Hip Replacements

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