Our Philosophy & Process

Our Philosophy

Simply put, our philosophy is to provide an individualised service offering the whole range of treatment options to our patients once we have diagnosed their condition.

It is unusual for a surgeon to be able to offer all options, but Mr Sood’s broad experience means that the practice is able to offer virtually all non-surgical and surgical treatment options including biological treatments. Not all patients need surgery and our patients can rest assured that they will receive a balanced explanation of all treatment options available for them together with advice on the treatment(s) that are best indicated.

We always strive to “go the extra mile” for our patients to diagnose less common conditions and to offer effective treatment plans in complex cases, a number of which come to us for second opinions.

Although I was naturally apprehensive on learning I needed a new hip, this was dispelled after a positive consultation with Mr Sood. The operation was a great success and I am once again partaking in all my previous activities including walking, cycling and skiing. Both the operation and aftercare I received have been first class.

Mrs J.C, Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

Our Process

The individualised service that we offer to all our patients is based on the following process:

  • comprehensive assessment
  • excellent communication
  • clear and accurate diagnosis with modern scans where necessary
  • balanced explanations of all relevant treatment options including the latest treatments

The comprehensive assessment that we undertake is the foundation upon which we base our treatment plan.  This assessment includes a detailed history of the problem, a very comprehensive examination and the use of modern diagnostic tests wherever needed.

New Treatments

Our practice tends to be very current in terms of treatments offered. Advances continue to be made and new techniques developed. We consider new techniques very carefully looking at all evidence. Promising and evidence-based treatments are continuously incorporated into our practice so that they are available to our patients as early as possible.

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