Revision Hip Replacement surgery: EFORT London

Today Mr Sood and his team presented research work at this international conference. He is one of a few specialists who perform the most complex re-do hip replacement operations. The work related to the use of a specific technique...

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Meniscal Tears and Luis Suarez – Manoj Sood interviewed on Radio 5Live

Image courtesy of Following the news that Suarez had sustained a knee injury and meniscal tear, Mr Sood appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show to give his views on the likelihood of Suarez being...

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Man with hip xray

The Hip Replacement That Has Lasted 68 Years

Norman Sharp, now 91 years old, celebrated having the World’s longest lasting Hip replacement this week. He was the first patient in the newly formed NHS to have a hip replacement in 1948.  In those days a hip replacement,...

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Hip replacement

Leg-length in Hip Replacement

Mr Sood and his team presented work at the European Hip Society in Stockholm on the topic of how to make sure that patients leg length is restored correctly after total hip replacement.  After hip replacement the operated leg...

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Dislocating Hip

Dislocating Hip Replacements cured

Mr Sood and his team presented work at The annual Meeting of the British Hip Society in Exeter on the difficult problem of dislocating hip replacements.  Mr Sood specialises in re-do hip replacements and is often referred patients who...

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Follow-up after Hip replacement

Once implanted, joint replacements should be periodically followed-up.  This follow-up includes taking x-rays to assess the implants.  The minimum recommended follow-up for implants with a known good track record involves review at 1 year and then at 5 year intervals....

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Platelet-rich plasma for Knee Arthritis

A new study has shown that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can help knee arthritis sufferers.  The study demonstrated that PRP injections into the knees of sufferers reduced pain and improved function and that the effect was still seen at 1...

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KineSpring Knee-Preserving Device

We are one of the few centres to offer this novel joint preserving device, which is an alternative to an osteotomy in certain patients. Kinespring system acts like a shock absorber and lies beneath the skin on the inner side...

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We aim to get all sports people safely back to their sport as soon as possible after an injury using aggressive rehabilitation techniques in combination with non-surgical and surgical techniques as necessary. We have access to the latest non-surgical...

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Sports Injury Treament

We understand the importance of prompt diagnosis and early treatment in getting sports people back to their sport. We have a huge experience of treating all types of sports injuries, in a wide variety of people ranging from occasional...

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