Biological therapies

Biological therapies are the subject of huge research efforts and these have yielded some very interesting treatments.  We have adopted the treatments that have a good research base and have no adverse effects and have been very pleased with our results so far.  

These newer treatments act by harnessing the healing abilities of the body in a variety of different ways.  For more information on specific biological therapies available please click on the relevant link below.

My initial consultation with Mr Sood was very clear, he explained the treatment of Shock-wave therapy and the likely outcome along with the time scale for recovery. The swollen area of my Achilles showed improvement within days of the first treatment and this continued after each visit. Six months later I am now pain free and have started normal exercise again. There is still a small amount of residual "knotty" tissue but this is continuing to improve even after completion of treatment. I have been delighted with both the treatment and the way Mr Sood carried it out.

Mrs Y.G, Shock-Wave Therapy

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