Advanced Hip Arthritis

What is it?

When arthritis of the hip becomes more advanced the articular cartilage on the ends of the bones that make up the hip joint becomes eroded so that the underlying bone is exposed.  These bones rub against each other causing pain that is felt in the groin most often, although it can be felt in the top of the outer thigh in some cases. Extra spurs of bone can also develop and in most cases the hip becomes increasingly stiff. This causes difficulty with putting on socks and shoes and with pedicure. It is often a disabling condition that can cause sleep disturbance.

What can be done to treat advanced hip arthritis?

In advanced arthritis the treatments that have been used for early arthritis often fail to control the pain and stiffness and patients become increasingly disabled and their lives are severely affected. In such cases total hip replacement needs to be considered.  This is a very successful procedure, giving affected patients a “new lease of life”.  Various types of replacement are available and the choice depends on a number of factors.  We offer all types of replacement to our patients and we carefully select the best type for each patient individually based on various factors.

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