Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation

This is now an established and very effective technique that allows treatment of cartilage defects to produce good quality cartilage that is very similar to  articular cartilage, but without any donor site problems.  It is a two-stage procedure.  

The first stage is performed arthroscopically (through key-hole surgery) and a very small piece of cartilage is harvested. This is transferred to a tissue lab where cells are grown from this cartilage either is suspension, or in a gel or membrane.  These cells are derived only from the patients own cells.  

A second stage procedure (usually open) is then performed to graft the cartilage defect with the newly grown cells.  Patients are given a brace for 10-14 days but are allowed to put full weight through the operated leg from day one.

Our tissue lab is UK based, close to where we perform our surgical procedures, ensuring excellent communication and service.