Joint Preservation in Knee Arthritis

Mr Sood’s article in Practice Matters magazine describes the joint-preserving options that are available for people suffering from knee arthritis. This will be of interest to those patients who are keen to avoid or to delay knee replacement surgery but who wish to explore other pain relieving options. The full-text of the article appears below. […]

Treatments for Cartilage damage

Mr Sood’s article in Vantage Magazine explains the available options to deal with articular cartilage damage and early arthritis.  Such damage is often related to sporting injuries.  The treatments aim to restore the damaged cartilage where possible and this is knee joint preservation.  Such treatment also helps to relieve pain and to prevent further deterioration […]

Hip Replacement Revision

Understanding Hip Replacement

Mr Sood was asked by Arthritis Today Magazine to write an article to help its readers to understand the latest advances that have taken place in hip replacement surgery. The article explains the difference between cemented and uncemented hip replacements and also discusses the different materials used at the bearing surface. It has been very well received.

Surgery for Failed Hip Replacements

Mr Sood was asked to write an article for Arthritis Today Magazine to inform its readers about revision hip replacement  surgery. The article addresses common questions that patients ask about revision hip replacement including reasons for revision, a brief outline of what is done at revision hip surgery and outcomes from revision hip surgery.  The full-text of the article […]