Highly Competent, Extremely Skilled

My left knee was deformed due to osteoarthritis. I was unable to straighten my leg and the knee was swollen. I was still able to walk but my knee ached constantly and it was very difficult to sleep at night. I was a keen hill walker but was very restricted as to what exercise I could do.

The consultation was very thorough and I did not feel I was dismissed (as I had been previously because I was able to walk for a reasonable distance). Mr Sood recommended a total left knee replacement and this was carried out at the end of February 2013. The surgery went well and I was discharged after 4 days in hospital. The care I received was excellent and I was kept fully informed of all procedures. I had a number of outpatient physiotherapy sessions which helped in the recovery process. It is also important to do the exercises regularly.

I would definitely recommend Mr Sood to others. He is a highly competent surgeon who does numerous knee and hip replacements every year. He is extremely skilled and I am now able to straighten my knee fully and walk without problems. After 7 months I went to the Alps in Switzerland and coped well walking up and down hills.