Thoroughly professional, pleasant and reassuring

I had an arthritic knee that was extremely painful and severely limited the amount of activity that I could undertake. Even simple things like shopping were a challenge. Walking up and down stairs was difficult.

Mr Sood had replaced my left knee some 8 years before I consulted him again. I have been entirely satisfied with the procedure – equally so with the treatment to my right knee. Mr Sood is thorough in his examination and explanation at the consultation stage. He is extremely pleasant and reassuring before the surgery takes place and in follow-up consultations. I have always found him to be thoroughly professional in a friendly manner. It is early days after my second knee replacement but already the results are life changing.

I would recommend Mr Sood to others. He does not undertake procedures unnecessarily – in my case he waited 8 years between the left and right knee surgery as he deemed the right knee “not ready yet!”