The Hip Replacement That Has Lasted 68 Years

Man with hip xray

Norman Sharp, now 91 years old, celebrated having the World’s longest lasting Hip replacement this week.

He was the first patient in the newly formed NHS to have a hip replacement in 1948.  In those days a hip replacement, far from being the routine operation that it is now, was new and untested technology.  Many patients had replacements that failed early in those days because the technology hadn’t evolved to where it is now.  Some were however lucky and Norman is the luckiest of all!

Hip replacement is now a tried and tested operation that is the most successful operation of all time.  Manoj Sood selects the implants that he uses very carefully, not based on what is new and shiny, but based on the track record of the design.  He chooses appropriate implants for different ages, patients needs and activity levels.  Think of this as a more bespoke service rather than a “one size fits all approach”.